Seen “Imitation Game?”

I saw “Imitation Game” yesterday and it’s worth going to see, but take a Kleenex. It is a fascinating movie, but for those of you who want a “happy ending,” maybe it is not the best choice.

For those of you who are interested in reading what I’ve written, I’ve posted another poem and another essay. My book cover should be ready in the next month. I am excited. 🙂

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About Lorraine Jeffery

Lorraine Jeffery earned her bachelor’s degree in English and her MLIS in library science, and managed public libraries in Texas, Ohio and Utah for over twenty years. She has won poetry prizes in state and national contests and has published over thirty poems in various publications, including Clockhouse, Kindred, Calliope, Ibbetson Street,and Rockhurst Review. She has published short stories in War Cry, The Standard and Segullah. Her articles have appeared in Focus on the Family, Mature Years, and Utah’s Senior Review, as well as other publications.. She is the mother of ten children (eight adopted) and currently lives with her husband in Orem, Utah.

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