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I am just beginning to post my published work on my website. Please go to the sub-pages (posted on the right of the page) to read. As soon as I solve the problem with Word Press double spacing everything, I will post short stories and essays.

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I do have one poem on this page, but the rest will be on the published poems page.


To an Eighteen-Year-Old Daughter with a

Learning Disability


Girl-woman standing before the gate,

testing with timid foot.

Two steps forward and one step back.

Hand to hand battle with the unseen foe

wins halting progress, slow.

Late-born fawn with spotted coat lies

unprotected under the barren tree.

You strike guiding hands with uncompehending

hooves, trying to stand alone.


Will your fragile neck stretch high enough to

pull strips of life from the tree trunk?

Will you know to break the ice to quench your



Unknown is the cry of the wolf under a

stalking sky.

Will you halt in uncertainty as the padded

feet follow in silence?


When the heavy snows come to the yearling,

belly deep – will you stand?

I open the gate and pray for an

early spring.

I raised a daughter with learning disabilities and as she struggled for independence, I don’t whether she was more frightened because there were so many things she didn’t understand, or I was more frightened because there were so many things that I did understand. She had done well with her life and has basically lived quite independently with the help of her husband.


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