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This was a review from a reader named Emmy and will be posted on Amazon and Good Reads.

“It took me a few chapters to get into the book, but once I was in I was hooked.  I love that halfway through the book, I was still clueless as to who could have done it and what exactly happened.  The clues slowly began to unfold all while the characters developed.  

I also really like the unique setting and storyline of this mystery.  It really got me thinking about the care of the elderly in general and made me grateful for those who do care and try and make a difference.  The book also had a very real feel to the entire thing, was never over the top. 

I liked the sub-plots of the story and the mother/daughter relationship.  It felt very real and genuine, with the struggles and problems that often accompany the teen years.  This is a quick read and also what I call a clean book, free of language and graphic imagery.  This would be a great summer read.”

This review is from Chelsea Cummings and is posted on Amazon.

“For someone who is up for an on the edge of your seat mystery, this is a great pick! Well written & a wonderful story line.”



May releases from Cedar Fort Publishing.

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