I’m Still Recommending This One

I recently read a book from the best seller list titled All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, who lives in Boise Idaho. I thought it was a great book and I enjoyed every page of it. It is one of those books I can’t imagine anyone not liking. The writing is lyrical and inspiring and the story line is original, realistic and touching. So of course, I recommended it to everyone I knew when the subject of books surfaced in our conversation. I assured them that they would “love it.” But, of course, not everyone did. None of my friends or family hated it, but for various reasons it was not everyone’s favorite.

As a librarian, I know this is not surprising. Still, there are those things that I continue to shake my head over. Who is not touched by the soaring voice of Sarah Brightman? And yet she’s not everyone’s cup of tea. And doesn’t everyone love Beethoven’s music? Nope. Some people actually like Stravinsky better. How can that be?

And then I think of all the things my friends and family are passionate about. How could I not love kittens? Well, I remember the old adage, “The trouble with a kitten is that, eventually it becomes a cat.” Enough said. I will quit before I get hate letters. I actually had a cat for several years, but now I just enjoy having neighbors with cats. It’s nice that they are responsible to love them, feed them and pay the vet bill. 🙂

And how could I not be excited about the new stack heels with the gold glitter? Really? Why would I want to put my feet in those and try to walk? And wouldn’t it be fun to go on a vacation and lie in the sun all day. No, I don’t think so. My English pale, freckled, speckled skin does not like the sun. I’ll pass. And I’ll pass on spending three hours a week watching basketball. On the other hand, football may rate an hour or so.

So, I guess I am as strange in my own way, as some other people seem to me. There are as many different tastes as there are people but I’m still recommending All the Light We Cannot See. And if you don’t like it–don’t tell me. 🙂

I am adding one of my more recent poems to the Published Poems on the left of this page. I am writing about and actual picture I have hanging in my kitchen in Orem, Utah. And as I’ve said before, wordpress formats them all to the left instead of the way they were written. Sigh!

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About Lorraine Jeffery

Lorraine Jeffery earned her bachelor’s degree in English and her MLIS in library science, and managed public libraries in Texas, Ohio and Utah for over twenty years. She has won poetry prizes in state and national contests and has published over thirty poems in various publications, including Clockhouse, Kindred, Calliope, Ibbetson Street,and Rockhurst Review. She has published short stories in War Cry, The Standard and Segullah. Her articles have appeared in Focus on the Family, Mature Years, and Utah’s Senior Review, as well as other publications.. She is the mother of ten children (eight adopted) and currently lives with her husband in Orem, Utah.

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