Death Is Always a Resident


Death Is Always a Resident
Lorraine Jeffery

“I could hear breathing on the line and then a man said real low, ‘Did you get my little present?’ He sounded so scary.”

“I said, ‘What present?’ And he didn’t say anything for a minute. Then he laughed and said, ‘This is Heather, isn’t it?’ I was too scared to answer but he knew who I was.”

Jan caught her breath and pulled Heather to her, hugging her tight . . . 
“Did he say anything else?” Jan asked her daughter.

Heather looked at the floor. “He said, ‘Your mother kills old people.’ ”

Jan Myers has dedicated her career to helping the elderly. But after one of the elderly residents under her care mysteriously dies, Jan’s career, her daughter, and everything she loves is suddenly in jeopardy.

It’s up to Jan to piece together the clues and find out what happened before it’s too late!

This cozy mystery is a perfectly thrilling read. With shocking twists and romantic hints, it’s sure to keep you guessing till the very end.

Ebook available now!

Product Details
Title: Death Is Always a Resident
Author: Lorraine Jeffery
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Incorporated
Publication date: 5/12/2015
ISBN: 9781462124763
Format: eBook
Print Length: 238 pages
Price: $2.99
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